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Maria Caruana

Let me introduce myself

Maria Caruana

Maria Caruana

My name is Maria Caruana. My official background stems in Biochemistry. I graduated from University with a Bachelors degree in Science Majoring in Biochemistry. My goal was to do research. After having done a few years in research I decided to go a step further and try my career in sales. I pursued a sales career for many years and this eventually led me to inside sales and sales management of our sales team. During this time I always exercised. Going to the gym was part of my life. I tried all the classes from step to kickboxing and even interval training. Some I preferred more than others but tried everything once!! Unfortunately (or fortunately in my case) I injured my ankle and was forced to quit all exercises.

Now for me this was unheard of and I searched for ways to still stay active while waiting for surgery. I then came upon Pilates. I practiced Pilates twice a week and was suggested to do a certification in teaching Pilates. This was way out of my comfort zone but I’ll try anything once! Little did I know that this journey took many years of studying and of practicing. Sometimes I thought I actually studied more for my Pilates exam than Biochemistry ☺ It was the most challenging and gratifying endeavor I have ever undertook and I left the science industry and joined the exercise industry. I teach Pilates in studios with apparatus as well as group mat classes.

How bodyART™ came into my life

Back in 2010, I attended a Boston Balance Conference. In between pilates classes there was a bodyART™ class scheduled. My friends and I decided to give it a try. Needless to say it was love at first sight. With 8 people in the class and none of us having ever heard of bodyART™ we left this class in total awe of how our bodies felt. Not only did we sweat but we moved in all directions, using our core, legs abs, arms, back and finished with a total relaxation breathing excersise. Of course today bodyART™ is all over the world and in its 20th year of existence.

How can this not be in Montreal? That’s where I come in! I approached Julia (the mastertrainer and franchise director for bodyART™) and worked on having her come to Montreal from Germany for our first certification. bodyART™ became my passion. Now not only do I teach bodyART™ but also organize all the certifications for Quebec as well as continuing education workshops for our instructors. I have travelled to New York and Toronto continually perfecting my method and will continue to do so. bodyART™ is constantly changing with the populations needs.

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